Supporting and strengthening community food activity

  • Make Soil!

    Make Soil!

    We are working with to help to create soil-making hubs in Lambeth's community gardens. has been set up to help move away from the negative connotations of compost - that it's smelly and slimy, and attracts rats. As gardeners, we all know the incredible benefits of creating good compost and MakeSoil is suggesting we can make even more lovely, nutrient-rich soil by inviting our neighbours to deposit their food waste in our bins.

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  • Qu’est ce qu’on attend?

    Qu’est ce qu’on attend?

    When: April 4, 2019, 7:39 pm
    Where: Brixton Pound
    Cost: £7 to include a simple meal

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  • 13 Bankside Way

    13 Bankside Way

    This home’s plants form a canopy over the gate and extends over the shed, covering over the unsightly slates and curving…

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