About Us PhotoIncredible Edible Lambeth (IEL) is a network of food growers and activists working to improve our communities. We exist to re-localise the food system so that it nurtures and strengthens our communities.

We do this by bringing in resources and funding, running programmes and services, and advocating for our members and a more localised food system.

Where did it all start?

It started with Incredible Edible Todmorden and we found the ethos inspiring. We believe in easily replicable systems which have an eco-system of their own. Many of our projects demonstrate this.

As part of the Incredible Edible Network, IEL strives to serve up three ‘Plates’. These three plates are a central vision of the original IE Todmorden:

The Community Plate

This is about encouraging people to look at their local environment and see how they can transform spaces into areas where food can be grown.

But the Community Plate doesn’t stop at its local patch. It’s also about how a local community can work together, by partnering (for example, with a local Food Bank), sharing (both expertise and produce) and supporting each other in times of crisis.

The Learning Plate

IEL supports food growing projects in schools – we see that it is critical to provide our children with the life skills to feed themselves.

We support these schools in reaching out into their local communities, involving families in the growing of food. There is evidence to suggest that if children experience the outdoors and get their hands in the soil, they will be happier, healthier individuals.

The Business Plate

How can we as individuals support our local food economy?

That’s what the Business Plate is all about. IEL wants to signpost all of us towards local food businesses.

We want to find ways to encourage and connect local businesses so that they can thrive and employ more local people, thus making Lambeth an even better place to live.

What’s special about Lambeth?

Like most London boroughs, Lambeth is a series of interconnecting villages. Those villages are full of people growing and producing food (over 200 growing projects and counting). They are also full of people who suffer food poverty and ill health. Lambeth is a diverse borough offering a rich food heritage.

IEL was founded in 2010 and is now a Community Interest Company (CIC) with an experienced team of directors and a wide network of volunteers and supporters.

If you would like to get in touch with us, please email incrediblelambeth@gmail.com