Youth Volunteers March ’23

New Compost Bin!

With much hard work, the help of our community and some strong parents, our Youth Volunteers were able to build the first compost bin for the West Norwood Library.  Made from repurposed pallets being disposed of by a local restaurant, the Youth Volunteers used 2×4 pieces of wood cut to the height of the pallets to secure them together.  This first compost bin will be one of three ‘bays’ for our compost to mature in.

A big thank you to the Friends of Gipsy Hill Garden for pointing us into the direction of these pallets and another huge thank you to the parents who helped us move them to the West Norwood Library.

Well done volunteers!!

Action shots…

The IEL Youth Volunteers meet Saturday mornings at the West Norwood Library and Picturehouse.  This is a part of a pilot program with Lambeth Libraries providing youth with safe spaces to volunteer and contribute to their community.  For the volunteer schedule and information on how you can join in, please click here.