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West Norwood trail

Points of interest

  1. West Norwood Cemetery
  2. St Luke’s Church
  3. West Norwood Health and Leisure Centre (orchard and playground)
  4. Woodvale Community Allotments
  5. Woodvale orchard and wildflower garden
  6. Tivoli Park orchard and wildflower garden
  7. Knight’s Hill Wood
  8. West Norwood Gateway Garden
  9. West Norwood Bzz Garage

Walking directions

The West Norwood Trail begins at the West Norwood Cemetery. Take a wander through the cemetery to enjoy this Green Flag awarded site.

Exit the cemetery and head south to the street corner where Norwood Road branches into two. Majestically set upon the hill in front of you is St Luke’s Church. Carefully crossing west to the pedestrian triangle and then again south will take you to the front entrance of the church garden. Continue to walk south through the church garden right up to the front of the church. Head west to exit the church grounds onto Knight’s Hill.

Next, continue south on Knight’s Hill until the first pedestrian crossing just past the West Norwood train station entrance. Cross the road and continue south taking your first right onto Devane Way. Walk up Devane Way to the West Norwood Health and Leisure Centre. This is a good place to stop and let little ones play. You will also find places to sit and a public toilet.

Once you have finished exploring the West Norwood Health and Leisure Centre, head back the way you came along Devane Way to emerge on Knight’s Hill. Go left to the pedestrian crossing and cross to the east side of the street. Go south again and take your first left on Cotswold Street to enjoy the “blue board walk”.

Continue east along Cotswold Street until you come to Norwood High Street. Turn right and head south along Norwood High Street. You will walk past local shops and industry.

As you head south along Norwood High Street it will become Elder Road. You will pass St Luke’s C of E Primary School on your right until you come to the Woodvale Estate opposite Eylewood Road. Continue south and enter the Woodvale Estate by taking the first right after the pedestrian crossing. Continue west and shortly upon entering the estate you will come to the Woodvale Community Allotments.

After peeking in to see what is growing in the community garden, continue walking west through this lovely community area. You will pass the basketball court and head west until you get to the wall at the very end of the estate. Here you will find the orchard for the Woodvale Orchard and Wildflower Garden. Turning left and heading south along the trail just below the wall, you will find the wildflower garden. Follow this trail all the way to the collection of cement bollards. Continue heading south to the estate driveway. Turn right and head west to Tivoli Road. Carefully cross Tivoli Road to the west side of the road. Head north along Tivoli Road until you come to the entrance to Tivoli Park.

Walking west along the northern path of Tivoli Park with take you past the Tivoli Park Orchard. If you walk through the orchard to the centre of the park you will find the sweet, heart shaped Tivoli Park Wildflower Garden. Continue west through the park to the western entrance on Knight’s Hill.

Exit Tivoli Park and turn right to head north along Knight’s Hill. You will come to a pedestrian light. Cross the road and you will be at the northeast corner of Knight’s Hill Wood. Take a moment to walk through this ancient woodland and then retrace your steps back to Knight’s Hill.

Cross again at the pedestrian light back to the east side of Knight’s Hill and then head north along Knight’s Hill. Continue along Knight’s Hill until you come to the West Norwood Gateway Garden at Chapel Road.

Now continue again along Knight’s Hill until you come to Rothschild Street. Here you will find the West Norwood Bzz Garage, the last stop on our West Norwood Trail. Please take a moment to explore the garden along Rothschild Street and the orchard and garden along Knight’s Hill.

Thank you for exploring West Norwood by following our West Norwood Trail. We hope you enjoyed your walk!