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Gipsy Hill Trail

Points of Interest

  1. Gipsy Hill Station Garden
  2. Becondale Road Garden
  3. Christ Church Memorial Garden
  4. Central Hill Community Garden
  5. Norwood Park Community Allotments
  6. Norwood Park Orchard
  7. Gipsy Hill Brewing Company
  8. Vincennes resistance memorial
  9. Carnac Street Community Garden
  10. Tritton Vale Pocket Garden
  11. Parkhall Business Centre
  12. West Norwood Cemetery

Walking Directions

This walk starts at the Gipsy Hill Station Garden [a member garden -add link]. To find this garden begin at the Gipsy Hill Station entrance and head south up Gipsy Hill. The garden is down the hill to your right and to access it safely, cross Sainsbury Road to the median. This median has been lovingly enhanced with a beautiful tree, bulbs, and bedding plants curated by the Friends of Gipsy Hill. The tree is surrounded by several chairs and is a wonderful place to meet others and take a moment to relax and people watch.

From here, head west down Mountbatten Close until it starts to curve. You will come to a crossing that leads to the lower Gipsy Hill Station entrance. Cross north towards the station entrance and you will see the Gipsy Hill Station Garden on either side of the entrance to the station.

Next, retrace your steps back across Sainsbury Road heading south, and then left to head east up Mountbatten Close towards Gipsy Hill. Once you reach Gipsy Hill, cross Mountbatten Close heading south up the hill. Take the hill slowly as it is quite steep. At Becondale Road, turn right, heading west and continue along Becondale Road. This road will lead you to the Becondale Road garden at the end of the cul-de-sac. You will find a bench here if you need a moment to rest. This space, though public, is surrounded by residential houses and has a private feel to it. Please be mindful of the residents when viewing this garden.

When you get to the end of the cul-de-sac, head east along the pedestrian pathway back to Gipsy Hill. Turn right, heading south again up Gipsy Hill. Keep going up the hill. Cross Highland Road passing the large clock tower and you will come to the Christ Church Memorial Garden on your right. Reward your hill climbing with a serene rest on one of the benches in this much loved little oasis.

Once you are well rested, continue north along garden path exiting out on to Highland Road. Turn left, heading west onto Highland Road. Follow Highland Road until it veers to the left. At this point, continue forward (south) along Lunham Road. You will pass “Robbie’s Garden” on your left. Continue past Plane Tree Walk along Lunham Road. You will soon see a paved entrance road on your left. Head south along this paved road (being mindful of cars) towards the brick path you see at the top of the hill. Continuing up the hill will bring you to a T junction. To your right you will see the iconic Central Hill Estate “Community” street art. Head this way, going west, and continue along the path until it exits at Lunham Road.

From here, cross the road and turn left, heading south again, until you come to the steps heading down on your right. Take these steps down into the courtyard area. Cross the courtyard to the next set of steps heading down. Continue west along the pathway called Wychwood Way until you come to a fork in the paths with a playground on your right. Take the northern path on your right continuing on Northwood Way just above the playground. Continue west along Northwood Way until you reach Roman Rise. Turn left, heading south, up Roman Rise. Walk to the main drive entrance to Roman Rise, just past the Central Hill Estate map and turn left. walking east onto the estate. You will find a picket fenced area on your left. Turning left again at the end of it will lead you to the Central Hill Community Garden.

Retrace your steps back to Roman Rise and cross the street. This bit is a little tricky as you will be looking for a pathway between the houses. This sneaky little pathway is almost directly opposite the estate drive and just slightly to the north. It is between #9 and #11 Roman Rise. Head west along this pathway between the houses and gardens.

You will emerge out onto Gibbs Close with houses encircling a lovely piece of central green space. Wander west following the path through the middle of the green space to Gibbs Avenue. Cross Gibbs Avenue and continue west along Gibbs Square. You will come to a space that feels like a mirror image of the Gibbs Close green space. Continue west through the centre of this green space to the pathway between the houses on the far side and emerge onto Salter’s Hill. Turn left and head south up Salter’s Hill. When you come to the corner, cross Salter’s Hill into Norwood Park.

Here you will see a mown path that will take you through the newly planted forest of native trees and oaks to a meditative mown circular area with a bench. You can either follow the mown path and then go right on the paved path it leads to or you can enter the park along the paved path starting at Salter’s Hill. Either way, continue your journey into the park in a north-westerly fashion and you should come to the small hut with toilets. Across from the hut is a well used skateboard park and just down from that is a fantastic playground, picnic area, and exercise space with outdoor exercise equipment. North of the hut along the paved path you will find a picket fence surrounding the Norwood Park Community Allotments.

Now continue north along the paved path. On your right, just opposite and north of the skateboard park you will find the Norwood Park Orchard.

Again continuing north along the paved path you will reach the most northern part of the park and the delightful woodland trail. This trail is unpaved and winds along under the canopy of the small woods. Follow this trail and come out of the woods at the north east corner of the park and exit the park at Salter’s Hill.

Turn left onto Salter’s Hill and walk down the road to Gipsy Road. Cross Gipsy Road and turn right, heading east, and walk past the shops to Hamilton Road. Turn left onto Hamilton Road. As you head north on Hamilton Road, you will find the Gipsy Hill Brewing Company on your left.

Continuing along, Hamilton Road bends to the west. Follow Hamilton Road past Clive Road (on your right) and past Tannoy Square with it’s sweet little church (there are more benches here if you would like a moment to sit down). Hamilton Road will bend again to the north. Take your first left and follow the drive through the houses. This will lead you to a path through the houses emerging on Champness Close. Turn left on Champness Close until you come to Rommany Road. Turn right, heading north, on Rommany Road.

As you walk along Rommany Road it will become St Gothard Road. Continue north along St Gothard Road and you will come across the Resistance Memorial on your left.

Walk north-east through the Resistance Memorial park to the corner of Carnac Street and Hamilton Road. Cross Hamilton Road and follow Carnac Street eastward until you come to Clive Road. Here you will find the Carnac Street Community Garden.

Cross Carnac Street to the northern side and and walk back westward along Carnac Street. You will pass the Elm Wood Primary school on your right. Further along you will cross a driveway. Beside this driveway is a small grassy area with a few orchard trees. Continuing along Carnac Street to where it intersects with Vale Street is another small orchard. Both of these orchards were planted by Open Orchard.

Turn right at Vale Street and head north. Continue to where Vale Street intersects with Tritton Road. On this corner is the Tritton Vale Pocket Garden.

Turn left, crossing Vale Street, and walk west along Tritton Road. As you walk, Tritton Road will start to bend north and become Martell Road. Follow Martell Road and you will soon find (on your left) the Parkhall Business Centre, the perfect place for a rest and a bite to eat.

Once you are refreshed, continue north along Martell Road until it intersects with Park Hall Road. Turn left, heading west along Park Hall Road. Follow Park Hall Road until you come to Norwood Road. Turn left again and you will come to the entrance to the West Norwood Cemetery, the last stop along this route.