Tradescant Road Garden

This little garden is managed by the Tradescant Area Residents Association (TARA). The residents created the garden to honour the heritage of their area. According to TARA, they:

“…wanted to honour the historic site where we live. Tradescant Road is built on the gardens of the John Tradescants (father and son, plant collectors, naturalists, travellers and gardeners to 17th century Kings and Queens). Research was done with a view to populating the planters with specimens that we believe they introduced to the UK and grew on the land on which our street has been built.. The plants include Tradescantia spiderwort, acer, lily of the valley, corn poppies, pieris, ranunculas, daisies, tradescantia pallida, and more. Then  invite the whole community to add any plants they would like to grow in the street.”

More information about this garden and TARA’s initiatives can be found here:
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You can read more about the history of the Tradescants here: Vic Keegan’s Lost London 149: The green-fingered Tradescants of Lambeth