Slade Gardens Loop

Incredible Edible Lambeth, LEAP and the Slade Gardens Adventure Playground have curated this walking route featuring the hidden neighbourhood gardens of Stockwell. This is a 60 minute walk specifically designed for parents with children under 3 and is a perfect stroll to enjoy while your little one sleeps (hopefully!) in their pram.

It is also a great way to socialise with other parents through the guided walks organised by LEAP.

We are working to create a special downloadable map for this route. In the meantime you can download a draft copy of the map. You will be following the orange, numbered route.

Points of interest

  1. Slade Adventure Gardens (start)
  2. Van Gogh Walk (space to play)
  3. Durand Gardens Forest
  4. Tradescant Road Garden
  5. Aldebert Terrace Street Planters (seating here)
  6. Spurgeon Street Secret Garden
  7. Stockwell Bus Garage
  8. Stockwell War Memorial
  9. Slade Adventure Gardens (end)

Walking Directions

Starting at the Slade Adventure Gardens gate on Stockwell Park Road, head north along Stockwell Park Road to Lorn Road and turn right. Head east along Lorn Road to Brixton Road and turn left. Walk two blocks along Brixton Road to Hillyard Street and turn left again. Head east along Hillyard Street to Hackford Road. You will see Van Gogh Primary School in front of you. Turn right, heading north along Hackford Road. As you near Van Gogh walk you will see the pavement bricks change to become more decorative and you will see plantings in spherical shapes. Turn left onto Van Gogh walk and enjoy walking through this creative neighbourhood space.

You will emerge from Van Gogh Walk on to Liberty Street. Here you will turn left, heading south. Walk south until you get to Durand Gardens. Turn left, heading west, at Durand Gardens. Follow the road around the curve and you will come to the beautiful wilderness nestled in the middle of this quiet residential road.

Following Durand Gardens to the bustle of Clapham Road, turn right and walk north toward The Printworks building. Directly in front of The Printworks you will find a crossing with a pedestrian refuge island in the middle of Clapham Road. Please very carefully make your way across Clapham Road to the leafy walk of Albert Square. Continue west along Albert Square to Albert Square Garden. Turn left to circle the north side of the garden.

Along the north side of Albert Square Garden, Albert Square will turn into Wilkinson Street. Follow Wilkinson Street to Bolney Street. Turn left onto Bolney Street. You will have St. Stephens Church on your left. Take your first right, heading north on Tradescant Road. You will find the Tradescant Road Garden at the junction where Tradescant Road meets itself.

After admiring the Tradescant road Garden, turn around and head east, back towards Bolney Street. Turn right on Bolney Street and follow it south as it turns into St. Stephen’s Terrace. This will come to a T junction with Aldebert Terrace and you will find the Aldebert Terrace Street Planters with seating at this corner. The perfect place to change a baby, if needed!

Next head west along Aldebert Terrace to the high street, South Lambeth Road. Cross South Lambeth Road to continue west on Thorne Road. Taking your first left into the car park, you will detour south into the Spurgeon Estate. The path you are looking for is behind The South Lambeth Practice and the Rear Block of the Spurgeon Estate. You will know you are going the right way if you see a bulletin board on the side of the building highlighting the garden you are about to find. Continuing south along this path will lead you to the garden. The garden is for the residents and usually locked, but it is a treat to look through to see how beautiful the Spurgeon Street Secret Garden is.

When you find this garden, turn right, heading west, to continue out of the estate and emerge on Guildford Road. Turn left and head south on Guildford Road. Continue down Guildford road, crossing Lansdowne Way, as it becomes Binfield Road. You will see the Stockwell Bus Garage on your left.

Continue along Binfield Road back to the South Lambeth Road. Turn left, heading north, to visit the Stockwell Memorial.

After visiting the memorial, head south back to the intersection of Binfield Road and South Lambeth Road. Cross the road and head south east along Stockwell Road. At St. Michael’s Road turn left, heading north east. Follow St. Michael’s road to Stockwell Park Crescent. Turn right, heading south along the crescent. You will soon find yourself back at Stockwell Park Road almost directly in front of the Slade Adventure Gardens gate. Cross the road back to the Slade Adventure Gardens.