Aldebert Terrace Street Planters

Once a route often used for ‘rat running’, traffic calming measures were initiated on Albert Terrace as part of Lambeth’s Oval Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme. The decision was taken to create traffic calming build outs. These build outs were originally grass turfed, however the residents were allowed to replace part (or all) of the grass with plants or shrubs if they wish to. And replace they did! The street now has beautiful lush plantings in each build out.

In 2019, the Albert Square and St Stephen’s Association took up the offer of Eat Off Your Street to create an edible community garden on the corner of St. Stephen’s Terrace and Aldebert Terrace. The garden is a stepped grouping of wooden planters that also provides seating and tool storage. You can find things such as rhubarb, strawberries, and herbs growing there. Read more about it here on the Open House London 2020 listing.