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This red pepper stew is made with tomatoes, kidney beans and paprika and is a delicious, nutritious and cheap vegetarian meal.   Red pepper stews are common in many countries’ cuisine. Peperonata is a well known Italian stew made with red peppers and onions. It also features in Hungarian cooking where it is called lecsó….

Crunchy fresh red peppers make a great healthy snack for children and adults alike. Use a cookie cutter, or a sharp knife, to cut them into star shapes to make a healthy festive treat. If you like this you might like these other Christmas fruit and veg recipes: Healthy Candy Canes Sugar Snap Pea Christmas…

This healthy soup is packed full of brightly coloured vegetables and beans. The beans are full of protein and the vegetables contain many different kinds of nutrients, making this an ideal vegetarian and vegan meal.

This vegetarian bolognese is packed full of delicious vegetables and healthy protein in the form of lentils. It can easily be adapted to use whatever vegetables you have available. You can blend the sauce before adding the lentils if you prefer so that it is a hidden vegetable sauce.