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Kadecia made this healthy cranberry and carrot mug cake at one of our sessions at St Stephen’s in Stockwell. Mug cakes are a popular way to get a sweet treat quickly and Kadecia’s version is packed full of healthy ingredients. Estimated cost per serving: 65p See more of our recipes here.

Eliza and her family run the Little Cat Cafe in Myatt’s Fields Park. This Ecuadorian stew is a traditional recipe and is very popular with the children at the local pre-school. This recipe is extremely economical to make and contains a good portion of healthy vegetarian protein in the form of pulses. Pulses include lentils…

We made this Chinese dumpling soup with Eliza from the Little Cat Cafe at the Mulberry Centre in January to celebrate Chinese New Year. The soup is deliciously flavoured with ginger, soy sauce and broth and is filled with plenty of delicious vegetables and dumplings. You can buy the dumplings in a Chinese supermarket or…

This healthy soup is packed full of brightly coloured vegetables and beans. The beans are full of protein and the vegetables contain many different kinds of nutrients, making this an ideal vegetarian and vegan meal.

This vegetarian bolognese is packed full of delicious vegetables and healthy protein in the form of lentils. It can easily be adapted to use whatever vegetables you have available. You can blend the sauce before adding the lentils if you prefer so that it is a hidden vegetable sauce.