So much can be learnt on a school veg patch! Children discover the mystery of life: planting a tiny seed, and watching it germinate and grow into something that they then eat. Outdoor learning has multiple benefits for our kids and can be incorporated into the curriculum through science, technology, reading and writing, art, maths..Through learning about the natural world, they will build connections and learn to care about it.

Before lockdown, we made a short film about four amazing Lambeth schools that have embraced outdoor learning. We made it because we know there are huge benefits for children if they learn about where their food comes from.

Watch the four minute film Growing Up here

If you’re wondering where to start with your outdoor project, why not get in touch with one of our partners Sprout Up Schools? You can learn more about this great new initiative here.

Our partner the South London Botanical Institute has adapted to the current situation and put some great resources online – take a look at their programme.

Read more about why Incredible Edible Lambeth cares so much about growing food in school yards.


Our friends at Incredible Edible Wakefield have created the most amazing schools resource: go here to find out more.

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