Get involved – become a director of IEL

We are actively seeking new directors to join us  – please read on to discover why joining the IEL team would be great for us and great for you too!

What is the function of our board?

  • Our board plays an important role in the organisation both as leaders and decision makers.  
  • Our board members ensure the smooth running of the organisation and adherence to our governing document.  
  • Our board members provide both governance and operations support to the organisation with each director taking on a functional role in a specific aspect of the organisation: (eg) communications, funding bids, design, liaising with statutory bodies.  

What we are looking for from new directors:

At this time, we are specifically looking for directors with

financial expertise

governance expertise

community Engagement expertise

communications expertise

someone to run campaigns (pesticide-free Lambeth, MakeSoil, Say No to the Mow)

Being part of our board is a voluntary commitment that offers many benefits.  

What is the time commitment required? 

  • One board meeting per month (typically 2 hours each) 
  • Quarterly strategic planning sessions (2 hrs per session)
  • Two hours per month towards dedicated director role responsibilities.
  • position term is three years, with a chance to renew


Remote at this time.  Must have the ability to meet online via Zoom and access online resources.

What skills would we like you to bring?

Essential Skills:

  • Enthusiasm and commitment to providing beneficial services to Lambeth
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Big picture thinking
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organisational skills

Additional Skills, one or more:

  • Desire to engage with issues affecting Lambeth
  • Professional experience such as: Accounting, Legal, Human Resources, Charitable/Fund-raising, Procurement, marketing (including social media), diversity and inclusion, Information technology, etc.
  • Experience of being a charitable trustee/in a position of responsibility
  • Knowledge of charity law/trustee obligations (training will be provided in any respect)
  • Fundraising skills
  • Leadership skills

What are the responsibilities of the Board?

  • Ensure IEL meets its statutory and other obligations
  • Ensure IEL is run in such a way that it continues to satisfy the community interest test
  • Direct policy and make major decisions with regard to IEL
  • Strategic direction affecting the future of the company
  • Monitoring the effective delivery of our community services 
  • Establishing oversight and control over financial matters

And here’s the fun part – 

How will you benefit?

  • You will have a direct impact in your local community
  • You will give to a cause that you care passionately about
  • You will gain new skills, confidence and connections
  • You will experience Board-level leadership 

What impact will you make?

As part of the Incredible Edible Lambeth board you will be instrumental in:

  • Protecting and improving Lambeth’s environment: you will help spearhead initiatives connected to food growing that help improve the local environment – healthy soil, protecting pollinators, healthy water, biodiversity, and greening the community.
  • Creating a healthy community: not only will you be improving the health of individuals through better access to healthy food, but you will also be improving mental health, as studies have shown over and over that gardening is a beneficial activity for mental health. 
  • Creating a resilient community: by adding skills to the local community, mitigating the reliance on imported food, and by joining people together in trusting and supportive relationships.

If you’ve got to the end of this, well done! Would you like to get in touch with us to explore this opportunity? Please do so by writing to