A chance to work with your local community

Do you live in the Ferndale Road area of Lambeth? If so, you might be interested to undertake this piece of work on community engagement around the new Low Traffic Neighbourhood that is being put in place.

Low Neighbourhood Design Support 

  1. Background 

1.1. Across Lambeth space is being reallocated from motor vehicles to support walking, cycling, taking the bus, shopping and other uses. Lambeth Council are introducing changes to reduce the number of vehicles, now we need to design features that will enable people of all ages and backgrounds to use this new space. You can take a look at how this has been done in the Railton neighbourhood here

1.2. We are looking for a local organisation that will be able to lead on working with the local community to get the best out of these street changes for local people and the Council alike. The objectives of this commission are to help; 

1.2.1. Local people and businesses engage positively with these street changes 1.2.2. Help local people and businesses access support services such as the “try before you bike project” 1.2.3. Identifying locations with the community that would benefit from improvements 1.2.4. Run a design competition for local people to design improvements for these street locations using the existing design brief 1.2.5. Deliver this in a way that creates wider social value and opportunities. 

1.3. People under the age of 25, people from BAME backgrounds and older people (75+) are significantly under-represented in past engagement activity. We need to hear from the whole community. You must demonstrate how your approach to this project can ensure a more representative range of voices from across the local community. 

1.4. This is a new way of working with the local community to deliver transport and street projects with the best possible benefit for the local community. It will be a learning experience and there will be challenges. We will work collaboratively to support you as much as possible. Lambeth Council have access to a large pool of local volunteers and communications and engagement materials that will help you to have a coherent campaign ready to go. Please consider using these as much as possible to get best value out of your time. 

1.5. This commission is primarily to cover the costs of your time. Printing costs, stencils, paint, letter distribution and other costs for physical communications materials will be covered by the Council using a separate budget. Any prizes for the design competition will also be funded through a separate budget. 

  1. Tasks 

2.1. Communications campaign over the first 8 weeks of changes being introduced to raise positive awareness and get things happening in the new space created. This should involve members of your team (working closely with Council Officers) to be available on a mobile phone number and in person at key locations to help people access more detail and speak to a person about the changes. 

2.2. Work with the community to produce a long list of locations where there are simple opportunities to improve the area or make it easier to walk and cycle. We will work with the selected organisation to define the parameters of what should and should not be considered. 

2.3. You will need to run a design competition for local people to be able to improve selected locations, with support from urban design professionals that are volunteering their time to help the project. This will involve promoting the opportunity, running structured support sessions for designers to help them respond to the design brief and to be able to communicate their design effectively. You will be responsible for the judging and award process. Lambeth Council will then take on the designs and work with the successful designers to deliver their ideas on the street. 

  1. Deliverables 

The list of outputs below should be provided to the Council in the formats described; 

3.1. Zip File of Digital content such as photos, videos, voice notes, text and a google map evidencing the campaign described in task 2.1. All content must have media use approval from individuals involved so that the Council are able to use the content on digital platforms. Tis must include an overview of the number of people and businesses engaged and other data to be agreed with your main contact at the Council. 

3.2. Video, e-book or powerpoint presentation to provide a short catalogue of improvement locations with a consistent method of comparing the benefits, impacts and likely costs of each one so that they can be compared and prioritised. This should include comments from local people that have nominated the locations. 

3.3. Zip file of competition entries. All of the entries from the design competition should be provided to the Council for judging and selection. You will lead the judging and selection process, but the Council will be an important part and will help to establish the judging panel and ensure representation from different disciplines. 

  1. Time frames 

4.1. Deadline for responses 28/07/2020 4.2.

Inception meeting 30/07/2020 4.3.

First letter goes out to the community 14/07/2020 4.4.

Second letter goes out to the community 03/08/2020 4.5.

Council introduces traffic changes on street 03/08/2020 4.6.

Communications and engagement campaign starts 03/08/2020 4.7.

Long list of locations developed 18/08/2020 4.8.

Locations shortlisted and design competition brief updated 1/09/2020 

4.9. Design competition period (6 weeks) 13/10/2020 4.10. Judging and selection 27/10/2020 4.11. This commission is complete 30/10/2020 

  1. Your submission 

5.1. Start by contacting ssaviantoni@lambeth.gov.uk to confirm your interest in this opportunity and get details of briefing opportunities where you can hear more from the commissioning team. After that you should prepare the following; 

5.2. Proposal: this should respond to the tasks and deliverables set out above, your existing work in the community and your approach to completing this project. You should structure your response with the following sections; 

5.2.1. Experience and Proposal 5.2.2. Social Value 5.2.3. Price 

5.2.4. You must provide examples of either projects you have completed that demonstrate your ability to do a good job now or the skills and experience that individuals in your team have to be able to do a great job. You can submit up to 3 pages. Feel free to include links to websites or images that demonstrate your past projects and experience. 

5.3. Cost proposal: this should set out your costs, itemised against the deliverables above, preferably as a spreadsheet. We need to know how much each deliverable stage will cost so that you can invoice against it later in the project. 

  1. Scoring 

Your overall score will be made up of the percentages shown below and you should consider the notes to help make sure your proposal resonates with what we are looking for. 

6.1. Quality of Experience and Proposal (60%)

We are looking for experience delivering potentially challenging community projects in the past or good management and communication skills in the project team to demonstrate your ability to do this. Organisations should be located in or very close to the project area with an existing network of people they can work with to get off the ground. Your proposal should demonstrate creativity, community spirit and clarity in the approach you will take, the challenges you will face and how you will deal with them. Most importantly, will your approach connect and resonate with local people? 

6.2. Social value (10%) will your approach to this project create jobs or skill development opportunities for local people or support local businesses? Get people physically active? Strengthen community networks and bring people together? If so, how can this be targeted towards people who would benefit most from the opportunities? 

6.3. Price and value (30%) Using the support that the Council are offering (volunteers, design support, campaign materials, physical printing etc…) will help you to deliver the most with your time. How are you spending the budget or using your time? Are the day rates or hourly rates in-line with the skills required? All of these factors will help us to understand if the cost of your proposal delivers good value for the project. 


7.1. Please get in touch with ssaviantoni@lambeth.gov.uk if you would like to clarify anything in this brief or seek advice. 

7.2. All questions should be sent via email so that we can share the question and answer with all organisations that are submitting a response. 

7.3. Thanks for reading and good luck for your submission!