The IEL Forums

We’ve added forums to create a community space for everyone to ask, and hopefully answer, your growing questions.

Anyone can read the forums but to post new questions and answers you’ll need to create an account, here’s how.


  1. Go to the main Forum page using the site menu
  2. Select “Register” from the Forum menu

On the registration page

  1. Complete the registration form
  2. Read the privacy policy and forum rules, then check the consent box for each and to receive emails.
  3. Click the “Register” button

You will receive an email to confirm your address. In the email there is a link, arrowed in the picture. Unfortunately this is not clickable at the moment, so you will have to copy the text to your browser.

The link takes you to a page where you can set your password.

  1. You can use the randomly generated password, or enter your own
  2. Click the “Reset Password” button

The button is labelled “Reset” as the same form is used to change your password.

Once your password has been set you will see the confirmation screen. You may now log in.

Logging In

After registering, or on subsequent visits to the forum, you must log in.

  1. Click the Login button on the Forum menu
  2. Enter your Username and Password, then click Sign In

If you want your username to be remembered, check the “Remember Me” box just above the Sign In button. Next time you log in your username should already be displayed. It’s not recommended to use this feature on shared computers.

Your Profile

Once logged in you can access your profile and provide additional information about yourself; this is optional and not required in order to use the forums.

Across the top of the website you will see a black menu bar, on the right there is a menu to access your profile.

  1. Click you name on the menu bar
  2. Select “Edit my profile”

On the profile page there areĀ  number of fields you can add information to. When you have finished editing remember to click the “Update Profile” button at the very bottom of the page.

To go back to the main website use the left hand side top menu, select “Visit Site”.

Now you know how to register and login, go and help your fellow gardeners and make good use of the forums.

Your first few posts may not immediately appear on the forum, this is because of our anti-spam policies designed to prevent spammers taking over. After you have created a few posts, further submissions should no longer need moderation.