The Future of Food: 2050

Have you ever wondered what and how we’ll be eating in 2050?

The Lambeth Food Partnership Board is pleased to host an evening of thought provoking talks and discussion as we meet some of the people driving forward futuristic food concepts across the capital.

Will most fruits and vegetables that we eat have been grown in cities, on walls and in basements? Will breakfast bars may be made of insects specifically bred for consumption? Will it be normal to tuck in a burger grown in a laboratory, or will we all eat meals around a communal table in a shared kitchen that has replaced individual kitchens in homes?

This event will feature four speakers who will take us on a journey into the future, and fire up our imaginations with possibilities, with opportunities for audience questions and comments throughout.

Speakers will be confirmed on the booking site prior to the event.

We ask that anyone who is able to make a donation of £3 to cover the event costs does so on the evening. We are a non-profit organisation who works for the benefit of the Lambeth businesses, residents, workers and organisations.

Registration is required- click here.