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Seed bomb dance

Incredible Edible Lambeth acts as the nurture organisation for a project called Edible Avenue SW8 just over the border in Wandsworth.

As part of the programme we worked with a local choreographer to produce a horticulturally-inspired dance. The idea emerged one day as we were making seed bombs, and we were looking at different ways to involve people in ideas about greening the local area.

We worked with the children from one school, teaching them about seeds – how they grow, how they spread and then the conditions they need to germinate and flourish. We blew dandelion seed heads and watched the seeds spin around in the air. The children used this as inspiration and created movements and ultimately dance pieces based on this.

‘It is a great way to get the children active and doing exercise’ said the parent of one of the dancers. ‘When will we perform this again?’, said one of the participants. ‘I didn’t know what a seed bomb dance was, but it was a big success – involving lots of people. We can definitely help make it bigger and better next year!’, said the local vicar.

The dance attracted funding from Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2018, and was supported by Vinci St Modwen, which funds the wider Edible Avenue SW8 programme. We are looking to expand on the idea next year. We think we can choreograph pieces of a dance with lots of different groups and then bring them all together for a ‘flash mob’ style performance. Let us know at if this is something that you would like to be involved in developing further.