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Pesticide-free Lambeth!

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We are experiencing a biodiversity crisis, with a catastrophic decline in insect life, in part because of over-use of pesticide. And there are questions around the safety of glyphosate to our health.

Although our parks are now glyphosate-free, our streets and many TMO’s are not. Did you know that your street is sprayed twice or three times a year? We are working to influence Lambeth Council to ban the use of glyphosate across the borough; they have agreed that if you would like your street NOT to be sprayed this year, you can email and request ‘no harmful chemicals’. 30 streets have already opted out this year.

If neighbouring  Croydon and Hammersmith and Fulham can both go pesticide-free in all its green spaces and parks (including its estates), then Lambeth can too.

Get Involved – Make Your Pledge TODAY!

Join us and pledge to go pesticide-free in your garden.

(Glyphosate is commonly known as Round Up)

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Other actions you can take:

  • write to your councillor asking them to ‘take the pledge’ too, if you don’t know who your councillor is, go here
  • support the work of Pesticide Action Network UK and support their Pesticide-Free Towns Campaign.
  • share this Pesticide Free document (see pdf)  with Lambeth Councillors, TMO’s and Lambeth residents.
  • get in touch with the IEL team with your own ideas for a campaign, and most importantly, if you’re not yet a member, join IEL!