Pesticide-free Lambeth!

Pesticide Free London BannerWe value our green spaces and want them to be places we can all enjoy without fear of contamination from glyphosate. If you want to learn more about pesticide contamination, take a look at the Pesticide Action Network website.

Incredible Edible Lambeth knows that we need to encourage wildlife and biodiversity in our borough – not kill it. If Croydon is able to go pesticide-free in all its green spaces and parks (including its estates), then Lambeth can too.

Get Involved

Please support the work of¬†Pesticide Action Network UK and support their Pesticide-Free Towns Campaign. We have created a Pesticide Free document (see pdf) which we are sharing with Lambeth Councillors, TMO’s and Lambeth residents. Please feel free to share with anyone and everyone!

If you have some ideas about how we can work together to raise awareness of these issues, get in touch with the IEL team, join the discussion on our forum, and most importantly join IEL!

Make Your Pledge

Join the campaign, pledge to go pesticide-free in your garden.

Coming soon

  • a sample email request to your local councillor to ask them to support the ban on pesticides in Lambeth