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Incredible Edible Lambeth Harvest 2019, 19th Sept -6th Oct

To align with Sustain’s Urban Food Fortnight, from 19th September to 6th October we are promoting everything foodie going on in Lambeth – both on our website and in a leaflet.

We would love you to submit ideas for food-centred events, even if you’ve already registered with Sustain. In order to get onto our IEL Harvest brochure, submit your event via this google form or email us the information by 3rd September. The info you supply will also go onto our website.

Here you will find the full list of events. Each event has its own page, so click on the link to find out more.

20/09/201912:30-15:00Lunch for a Fiver
20/09/201919:00 till lateJane Scott’s Celtic Vegetarian Feast
21/09/201913:00Loughborough Farm Community Shared Lunch
22/09/201911:00-15:00Apple Day at Streatham Community Garden
22/09/201916:30-18:15Lis Stewart and Chris Dyer play a Gig at the Greenhouses 
22/09/201912:00Free community lunch in the greenhouse @ Myatt’s
25/09/20196.30pmFood Waste Workshop
26/09/201910:00Pop Farm @ Pop Brixton Harvest Day
27/09/201912:30-15.00Cafe Lunch for a Fiver
27/09/201919:00 till lateJim’s Mediterranean Supper Club
28/09/201916:00-18:15Lucy Farrell plays a Gig at the Greenhouses
28/09/201919:30Waste Less Supper Club
04/10/201909.30-11:30Incredible Edible Nature Walk
04/10/201912:00Clarkshaws Brewery Tour, Beer Tasting and Lunch
05/10/201910:30Fermenting Fun for Children
05/10/201913:00-15:00Growing winter salads in windowboxes
06/10/201910:00-16:00Apple Pressing
06/10/201910:00-12:30Discover Medicinal Plants
06/10/201916.00-18:15Danzon, Blues Guitars Duo
06/10/201910:30-16:00Squash and Pumpkin Festival
12/10/201911:00Slade Edible Playground Harvest Food Festival

A secret garden party in Stockwell

This fantastic article was co-written by Jude Bow, Friederike Huber and Vita Bow.

It seemed such a waste; a pocket woodland, at the heart of Stockwell’s Spurgeon Estate, locked and neglected. Apart from kids climbing over the railings occasionally and a fox feeling very much at home, the garden was unused and falling into disrepair. It was particularly tragic to see this in inner London, where green spaces are so valuable. Continue reading…

Make Soil!

‘Composting’ is not always considered a very glamorous activity – but as gardeners, we all know the incredible benefits of creating good compost – or ‘gardeners’ gold’.

We are partnering with and are trying to persuade everyone to generate much more lovely, nutrient-rich soil by inviting our neighbours to deposit their food waste in our compost bins.

We already have seven MakeSoil sites in Lambeth – take a look at the website and type in your postcode to find your nearest site; you could become a MakeSoil supporter today.

This photo is at the Secret Garden on the Spurgeon Estate.

Find out more about MakeSoil here:

Continue reading…

Seed Swap and a Tribute to Esiah Levy

At our recent seed swap, the Garden Museum was humming with activity as people gathered to share seeds and started to think about the next growing season. We couldn’t believe the number of people who came through the door, eager to get a chance to talk about the next veg or flowers they were going to try growing. Continue reading…

Pesticide-free Lambeth!

Pesticide Free London Banner

We are experiencing a biodiversity crisis, with a catastrophic decline in insect life, in part because of over-use of pesticide. And there are questions around the safety of glyphosate to our health (read how Bayer have agreed to pay out $US15.9b in cancer claims.

HOT NEWS from mid September 2020 – a quote from Lambeth Council:

..“glyphosate will be stopped completely when the new contracts come in [October 2021]…as part of our expectations of the new service which we have put out to tender is that bidders have to prove how they will manage invasive weed growth without glyphosate.”

So we still have a bit of time to wait for out streets to be glyphosate-free (Council owned estates are now glyphosate-free, as from Friday 7th August 2020, read here for this news) but many TMO’s are not. Did you know that your street is sprayed twice or three times a year?

So what can you do?

1. If you would like your street NOT to be sprayed this year, you can email and request ‘no harmful chemicals’. 30 streets have already opted out this year (2020).

2. Watch Sophie’s video here, as we move towards accepting weeds on our streets. and watch our Biodiversity webinar here.

Get Involved – Make Your Pledge TODAY!

Join us and pledge to go pesticide-free in your garden.

(Glyphosate is commonly known as Round Up)

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Other actions you can take:

  • write to your councillor asking them to ‘take the pledge’ too, if you don’t know who your councillor is, go here
  • support the work of Pesticide Action Network UK and support their Pesticide-Free Towns Campaign.
  • share this Pesticide Free document (see pdf)  with Lambeth Councillors, TMO’s and Lambeth residents.
  • get in touch with the IEL team with your own ideas for a campaign, and most importantly, if you’re not yet a member, join IEL!

The Pleasure of Plants at Max Roach

There’s a corner of Lambeth each Wednesday afternoon which is dedicated to everything about healthy food — and there’s free fruit and vegetable bags on offer as well.

The Max Roach Community Centre, a vibrant, super-friendly, wood-clad building in Max Roach Park, becomes a midweek Incredible Edible LEAP zone. Walk in through its doors and you’re greeted by delicious smells from the kitchen, crates of brightly coloured fruit and veggies and lots of people with soil on their hands coming in from the garden. Continue reading…

Pledging for a Healthier Food Borough

Goof Food Charter flyerAs part of our mission to make healthier and more sustainable food available to all in Lambeth, Incredible Edible Lambeth (IEL) has worked hard to build partnerships with the council, NHS, local businesses and many more. This is manifested in the Lambeth Food Partnership, which launched The Lambeth Good Food Charter at its AGM earlier this month. Continue reading…

Why Lettuce?

Lettuce seed heads

The team from the London Freedom Seed Bank had us all enthralled last week at Incredible Edible Lambeth’s Seed Saving Event, held at the beautiful South London Botanical Institute.

Julie Riehl and Charlotte Dove provided a wealth of information about the whys and hows of seed saving. Charlotte reminded us why it was so vital (given the 93% loss in food seed varieties worldwide) and provided the background to the work of the Seed Bank whilst Julie gave a great drawn presentation on how seeds propagate and how to start seed saving. Continue reading…