Myatt’s Fields Park Seedling Offer 2023

Here is the 2023 plant offer from Myatt’s Fields Park:

Because of the recent cold weather we are running about a week behind at the moment. Plants will be available from the 10th of April

This offer is primarily for groups (schools, youth clubs, growing projects, groups of neighbours etc in Myatt’s Fields and Windrush wards (Formerly Vassall and Coldharbour wards) as well as Camberwell Green ward, Southwark. but we are pretty flexible about where the boundaries are. Feel free to share this email with anybody who you think might be interested in the local area.

To order or find out more about the offer, please contact Fabrice at

For immediate collection until stocks run out: Potatoes

We have 20kg of seed potatoes chitting in the greenhouse at the moment. First come first served.

This year we have 2nd Earlies: Charlotte. Harvest in August. Can also be harvested in September as a main crop

Baby Plants Regular Offer for collection from April

In both April and May you can choose to collect large and small packs. There is no formal limit to how many packs you can order per project each month but check with us if you want several. Email us back with which packs you want and which weeks you want to collect them (IMPORTANT!) as everything is grown to order. 

Small pack: enough to plant up 5-6m2 of bed space.

Large pack: enough to plant up 10-12m2 of bed space. 

If you are a school and your growing project is not staffed in the summer holidays let us know and we can modify the order to make it more suitable. Schools are advised to collect on the earliest date each month to ensure crops are ready before the summer holidays.

What’s in the packs:

April: chard and perpetual spinach, mangetout peas, broccoli, parsley, beetroot, Lettuce, onions and spring onions and kohlrabi

Large pack also includes broccoli, cabbages, and extra kohlrabi, beetroot and lettuce


May: chillies and tomatoes, cucumbers, courgette, squash, butternut squash, summer leeks and kale, aubergine, sweet pepper, climbing french beans and basil

Large pack includes larger amounts of the above as well as some extras including sweet corn, dwarf beans, and callaloo.

We aim to include extra chillies and tomatoes in both packs (spares to share and try in containers), and there may be extras and spares of other veg available on the day.

The Collection dates:

April collections:

weeks starting 10th, 17th

May collections:

weeks starting 8th, 15th and 22nd.  

To order or find out more about the offer, please contact Fabrice at We need about a month’s notice to get plants ready, however as we have already started sowing for collection in the first two weeks of April, so you stand a good chance of getting an April pack if you apply late.

Please try to make the collection week. Plants will be past their best if left too long, and greenhouse space and time at our end is not unlimited. We cannot guarantee plants will still be available beyond the agreed collection week. If we have a crop failure you will be allocated a share of what we have grown.

New for 2023:

Melons! They cropped for us outdoors last year and we saved seed. The variety we will be offering is Minnesota Midget. Aim to plant in May. Plants are fairly compact: About 1m across but you can have them trail outside of the bed. This variety produces small fruit. You can tell when they are ready a mile off by their fragrance.  Full sun and lots of warmth. If we have a cooler summer maybe grow them under fleece. Available May

Okra: We will be doing some plants for those of you who really want them but let us know if you would like some when you order. Some people got Okra to work last year. Not the easiest of crops.  Available May

Chochos (Christopheen/Chayote)  2 plants per group limit, but each plant can get as huge as a grapevine. From seed saved by us last year. Crops heavily from September to November in London, and does not require a warm summer. We recommend planting 2 together for better yields as not always self fertile. Available May

Jerusalem artichokes. Easy, don’t harvest before the leaves have died down or you won’t get much. Best in the ground. not in a container. Available April

Plugs from June for Autumn and Winter crops

We continue to produce plants from June to October for crops that can be planted later and aim to have a good range of top up plants for collection on the day. This is when crops like savoy cabbage, early purple sprouting broccoli, winter leeks, and many other veggies will be available. Alway good to call ahead though to check what we have as stocks change week to week.

Other plant offers

Cut and Come again leafy greens suitable for balconies and small spaces

We can for example supply Kale, Perpetual Spinach/Chard, Spring onions, Parsley and lettuce plugs, for collection from April to July, Good for sharing amongst residents on an estate or neighbours on a street. These are easy, high yielding crops that can be harvested repeatedly, most lasting into 2024. Great for containers and less sunny spaces. Again contact us on to order. 5 week lead time for the cut and cut again greens.

Balcony plants for giveaways: 

In 2021 we gave hundreds of plants suitable for growing in small containers out in May and June eg mini tomatoes, herbs and chillies. Contact us if you are interested or to talk about your own ideas. 

Plants for special projects:

Got a special gardening/growing project planned. We may be able to help subject to capacity. But hurry, most stuff in our greenhouse gets sown between now and the end of April. 

Looking forwards to hearing from you

The Greenhouse Team 

Myatt’s Fields Park