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Make Soil!

‘Composting’ is not always considered a very glamorous activity – but as gardeners, we all know the incredible benefits of creating good compost – or ‘gardeners’ gold’.

We are partnering with and are trying to persuade everyone to generate much more lovely, nutrient-rich soil by inviting our neighbours to deposit their food waste in our compost bins.

We already have seven MakeSoil sites in Lambeth – take a look at the website and type in your postcode to find your nearest site; you could become a MakeSoil supporter today.

This photo is at the Secret Garden on the Spurgeon Estate.

Find out more about MakeSoil here: is an online platform that gives local citizens and municipalities all the tools they need to rapidly create a decentralized network of citizen-run neighborhood composting hubs in their community – keeping organic waste out of the landfill, bringing down greenhouse gas emissions, saving taxpayers’ money and, of course, making soil!

Watch these videos and email us for further information and an expression of interest.