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Make Soil!

We have a vision to transform our growing spaces by supplying them with fantastic compost, all created on-site with waste from neighbouring homes.

With some funding from Veolia and a partnership with we are beginning the transformation!

Would you like to be part of the Make Soil movement? Could you find a space for a couple of compost bins? We’re partnering with Remake_Reuse,  providing the old pallets, and Bill, who is making the pallets into compost bins.

As gardeners, we all know the incredible benefits of creating good compost and MakeSoil is suggesting we can make even more lovely, nutrient-rich soil by inviting our neighbours to deposit their food waste in our compost bins.

So far we have delivered ten compost bins – to Spring Gardens, Spurgeon Secret Garden, Gipsy Hill community garden, Agnes Riley community garden and the Carmelita Centre  – would you like to join the revolution? If so, get in touch today

Watch these videos from to find out more and email us for further information and an expression of interest.