Make Soil!

We are working with to help to create soil-making hubs in Lambeth’s community gardens. has been set up to help move away from the negative connotations of compost – that it’s smelly and slimy, and attracts rats.

As gardeners, we all know the incredible benefits of creating good compost and MakeSoil is suggesting we can make even more lovely, nutrient-rich soil by inviting our neighbours to deposit their food waste in our bins.

There will be plenty of questions about how this will be regulated – which is why IEL are planning to hold workshops and bin-building sessions to help community gardens become hubs.

Become a Hub

Do you think your community garden would like to become one of the first city hubs? We are looking for volunteers, and will support you through the process. It’s pioneering stuff!

We are offering a reward to the first five gardens who sign up!

Watch these videos from to find out more and email us for further information and an expression of interest.