Lambeth food stories: whose space is it anyway?

Following on from the work we are doing on six housing estates in Lambeth (as part of the Mayor of London funded ‘Grow Back Greener‘ project), and work we are doing with Arup on mapping the borough (see Lambeth plots), we held this great zoom event, attended by almost 50 people. Watch it HERE

Here’s a list of the places represented by the attendees:

St Matthew’s Estate (Brixton)

Caldwell Estate

Hillside Gardens Park

Rosendale Estate

Central Hill Estate

Tabard Gardens

Walworth Community Garden (Southwark)


Lambeth Council

Cowley Estate

Open Orchard

Myatt’s Field South

St Martin’s Estate

Vauxhall Gardens Estate

Calais Gate and Coligny Court

Edmundsbury Estate

Oasis Waterloo

Goldsmith’s College

Food Ethics Council

Bernie Spain Community Garden

Seed Sovereignty/London Freedom Seed Bank

St Leonard’s Church and School, Streatham

Palace Road Estate


Friends of the Earth, Lambeth

Springfield Estate

Notes from the event:

You can find further information on our guest speaker Judy Ling Wong – here and her presentation will soon be able to be viewed separately to the full length zoom event (awaiting link).
Our Grow Back Greener Estates draft version of the Template of Engagement can be read here. Please send us comments about this template.

If you’ve identified some land you would like to grow food on (or create a garden to encourage biodiversity), why not get in touch today? questions

In the ‘Chat’ there was discussion about pesticide use on our streets – if you would like to opt out of the Council’s upcoming spraying regime, go here . If you live on an estate, you can ask for any neighbouring streets not to be sprayed. If you have not yet pledged to go pesticide-free, please go here today.

If you live or work in Lambeth and are not yet a member of IEL, please join our organisation today and strengthen our voice for more food growing in the borough.