Covid-19 and our gardening - please read

Building stronger communities – grow food for your neighbours

Many of you are asking how you might be able to support your communities in these uncertain times.

We want to support growers to help their communities, family and friends by supporting a ‘grow your own’ initiative across Lambeth. We want to ask our members that are able to grow at the moment, to grow food for ten neighbours. We know that right now it’s difficult (though not impossible – see guidelines here) to work in any community space, so it’s preferable to have some space at home for this project.

What you’ll need

  • To be a competent grower from seed. We want to make sure we make the best use of the seeds we have.
  • A bit of space to start sowing. We’re not asking you to grow huge quantities, but you’ll need a little bit of space.

What we can give you

  • Seeds (a selection of easy to grow veg)
  • Seed trays and pots
  • Compost

We will work out a safe way of getting these things to you and will make sure that everything we give you has been sanitised. We would also ask you to sanitise before handling.

Once you have got the seeds going after a month or so, you can give the seedlings to others so that they can continue, or, share the veg itself once it’s grown.

Please email us as soon as possible if you are interested at

Thank you to all of you who might want to be involved, and to those of you supporting your communities, family and friends in other ways.