Blooming Lambeth Awards 2019

It’s that time of year again! We are excited to announce this year’s categories for the Blooming Lambeth 2019 Awards. 

All nominations must be made by 1st June and all short-listed gardens will be visited during July 2019, with the award giving event on 15th October in the Assembly Hall, Brixton Town Hall, Brixton.

When considering your nomination, please check the description of the award and that you are nominating in the right category. Click on the category title to fill in the form..

Happy Growing!

  1. Best Community Garden Anywhere – we are looking for gardens that engage a diverse group of people and can demonstrate that people have fun, are inspired, and are able to learn new things. We are especially keen for new gardens to be nominated.
  2. The Ivor Picardo award for the most productive vegetable garden – you might only have a tiny space but you will be able to demonstrate that you grow a large amount of food relative to the amount of space you have.
  3. Best School Gardenwe want to recognise a school that is emphasising to its students the importance of understanding where food comes from, how to grow it and how to cook it; a school that embraces outdoor learning.
  4. Against the Odds – we know that gardening in Lambeth often involves creating growing spaces in unusual spaces or under difficult circumstances. We would like to hear about gardens that have been created despite adversity.
  5. Best Community Gardener – who is your unsung hero/heroine in a garden in Lambeth? Who do you want to recognise for the effort and expertise they bring to a community garden in Lambeth?
  6. Innovation in Sustainable Food – we want to recognise emerging social businesses and projects that are taking a radical approach to food in Lambeth, either through farming in a different way, through processing food or through building new kinds of food partnerships. We really want to hear more about these innovators!
  7. Garden in Bloom – we love growing vegetables but flowers are so important for pollination. We would like to recognise a garden that actively encourages pollinators and champions the fact that the world is better off without the use of nasty chemicals. This could be a private garden but it must be visible to the public (eg a front garden or shared communal space).  We are especially keen for new gardens to be nominated.

Take inspiration from our previous winners in 2018 and 2017

Cllr Claire Holland, Lambeth’s Cabinet Member for Environment & Clean Air, said:

“These projects showcased and supported by Incredible Edible Lambeth are what make this borough such a wonderful place to walk or cycle around. There are hidden gems all over Lambeth, thanks to the vision and hard work of our residents. As a council we are happy to support the Blooming Lambeth Awards, that are just one way of celebrating such great work and, hopefully, encouraging more people to get involved.”