Annual Seed Swap and AGM 2023

The annual Seed Swap and AGM for 2023 was a huge success!  With over 70 people attending and hundreds of seed packets brought in and traded, our annual seed swap continues to be a perfect way to get your home or community garden growing.

First we would like to give a HUGE thank you to Fabrice Boltho, expert grower from Myatts Park Greenhouse, who kept us absolutely transfixed through not one but two excellent sessions about different things to grow using seeds and roots that are available to buy from Brixton Market veg stalls.  He fielded a multitude of questions and we all learned so much!

We would also like to send heartfelt thanks to the London Freedom Seed Bank and The Gaia Foundation for allowing us to show their short film, ‘A Quiet Revolution’.  Thank you also to Anna for being on hand to answer questions about the London Freedom Seedbank and also for bringing in some special seeds for the swap – such a privilege to be able to grow seeds cultivated in London over several generations knowing they are just right for the conditions in our city.  If you were not able to attend the seed swap, you can find out more about them here:

The Garden Museum provides the perfect atmosphere for the seed swap and we are thankful for their generosity for again providing us the space and equipment and also some seeds for our community event.  We got many compliments on how lovely the space is!

Wrapping up the afternoon with our AGM, we ushered in our directors for 2023 with no changes made.  We appreciate and value the support of these kind volunteers for their time in making events like these possible and for providing the support for community food growing throughout our borough.  We look forward to an impactful 2023!