A call out for new directors

We are working hard to raise awareness of local food activism and promote the growing of food in Lambeth, as well as highlighting the global issues surrounding our broken food system.

In the past six months our membership has risen to around 250 (formally signed up, using our newish sign up system) – this includes around 80 group member sign ups, so we are reaching many more than 250 people.

Since last October, we have collaborated with many different organisations in the borough; we co-hosted the Blooming Lambeth Awards and a seed swap with the Garden Museum, ran three successful film shows in collaboration with Brixton Pound Cafe and the South London Botanical Institute. We supported a composting session run by Oddbox, and have provided funding for our members to join several big food events including an aquaponics session and Roots to Work, run by Sustain.

Our big job has been in the area of mapping – not only is our online map a great resource to find your local food grower or cafe, but we have also designed three new walking trails in Lambeth, which are highlighting all the incredible food growing and community cafes in the borough.

We are grateful for the voluntary help we have received from our members at these events, but in order to do a lot more, we are looking to recruit more directors who can help to drive our work forward.

As a director you are required to attend monthly meetings and in addition, we need help with

  • supporting the management of monthly accounts (around 3hrs work/month)
  • developing and managing projects such as the Blooming Lambeth awards (as much time as anyone is willing to give and sometimes this is paid work)
  • helping with the website and social media
  • continuing to grow membership

We realise that many of you are very stretched and will already be volunteering in a multitude of ways across the borough, but if some of the above jobs appeal to you, why not send a short statement outlining your skills and interests to incrediblelambeth@gmail.com (maximum of 250 words) by 15 May 2018.