West Norwood Bzz Garage

West Norwood Bzz Garage

Spring time at the Bzz Garage, with the Poetry Slabs installation visible in the background.

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West Norwood Bzz Garage is a community growing scheme in West Norwood, creating bee-friendly habitats on the high street, and growing local community food. The front of the site has ornamental planting, with an amazing wildflower meadow. The corner with Knight’s Hill features one of the Open Orchard’s mini orchards with 7 gorgeous fruit trees. And the rear of site has 100m2 of edibles- with herbs, a 25 bush fruit garden, hops and a range of other crops which changes from year to year. 

Volunteer sessions are weekly on Sunday mornings, 10:30-12:30. Like the Facebook page to keep in touch with the latest goings on. Everyone is welcome.

It also features the work of local poetry collaborators Poetry Slabs. You can see their amazing installation of The Gardener’s Daughter by Tennyson.