Reay Primary School


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Connecting children to nature and encouraging a life long love of the natural world. All children, aged 3-11 come out for lessons and play in the garden. The children learn about growing, seasons, plants, animals and much, much more…

Our school garden and green areas are an extension of our classroom, we not only grow but learn about wildlife, do our curriculum lessons in the garden and explore. In the heart of Lambeth we feel our garden is an oasis of calm. We learn about sustainability, recycling, pollution and lots more. Our latest project is to set an area to welcome bees to Reay. We have been working with the Great Bee Count and learning all about the importance of bees. Our garden is so special because it is in the heart of a concrete jungle. It enables us to teach city children about nature and it’s importance. It also becomes the heart of the school for events, such as our bonfire night. The children have an opportunity to get dirty, explore, take risks and be hands on with nature. They get to be children and have fun. That is why our garden is so special. You are welcome to come and see for yourselves.