Paradise Garden Coade Court


Until 2015 the garden space at Coade Court was very much like those of its neighbouring blocks – unloved, uninviting and underused – but thanks to a little team work from the residents, the space now stands out as a haven of nature and community spirit. ‘Paradise Garden’ is certainly deserving of its name.

This ongoing project has seen families at Coade Court put down roots in their community as they work together to transform the small patch of land into a place to witness seeds and hard work grow into flowers, food and friendships.

As well as gardening together the space is now a regular venue for BBQs and picnics, paddling pools, sandcastles and even fireworks!

Whether it’s a shared meal on the picnic bench, a complement from a passers-by, or a quick chat while picking herbs on the way home from work, there can be no doubt that the garden now brings residents together, united by a shared sense of pride.