Briant House Community Food Growing

Briant Estate 1

In 2016 we really got our project off the ground with new food growing containers and long wooden troughs and soil. The soil was poor so throughout the winter, we liquidised our vegetable and fruit peelings and added it to the soil to improve it. We also have a general-purpose food compost bin, which residents fill with eggshells, fruit and vegetable peelings.

We propagated from cuttings various herbs – thyme, rosemary, sage, golden marjoram and oregano which are all thriving well. Chives and mint plants are also flourishing in various pots. Poppy George was very helpful in showing and helping us plant broad beans, garlic and carrots and young Rooney (aged 12) and his older brother (aged 15), together with Elizabeth, regularly help water the plants to ensure they do not dry out.

Earlier this year, we ordered plant plugs and started planting from seed a variety of vegetables and flowers, and Poppy helped deliver our order of tomato, chilly, parsley, spring onions, and sunflower plant plugs.