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Name that winter veg!

For our winter growing this year we provided four different types of vegetables:

Winter Veg Seedlings 2020

Here is a little information about each including the variety (where there is one), growing habits, and a bit about what they might taste like.

Spring Cabbage (Caraflex F1):
Spring cabbages grow slowly over the winter and are harvested from late February through to the beginning of June. They form mild, tender, small heads which are usually conical in shape and loose leafed. They are often also called spring greens or collards.

Spring onions (White Lisbon):
Spring onions, also known as scallions or green onions, are harvested when they are very young, before the bulb has had a chance to swell. They are much milder than other onions and the entire onion, both the bulb and the long green tops, is edible. They are very tasty raw or cooked.

Spinach (Giant Winter):
Considered to be a superfood by many, spinach is a dark green, leafy vegetable loaded with vitamins and nutrients. It can be grown to produce a crop all year round. Just harvest a few leaves at a time once they are large enough to pick.

Mizuna is a Japanese green leafy vegetable with a distinctive peppery flavour. It grows in bunches from a centre stalk with long stems. The beautiful leaves have lots of sections to them and look slightly feathery or fringed. Mizuna is often used fresh in salads or cooked for stir-fries and the young flowering stems can be cooked like broccoli.

Now you know a bit about these seedlings, continue on to find out how to plant them.

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