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Tomato Plant Disease  


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09/07/2018 11:05 am  


I have 25 tomato plants 3 to 4 feet tall. Leaves on 1 plant are curling up into black balls that look like black Brillo pads. I pulled off all the bad leaves they turned my finger a black green color. A few days later more leaves are curled up and black too. It looks like some type black mold, vinegar is not a cure the black goes all the way through the leaves. Today the stem was black all the way down to the roots so I pulled up the whole plant. Last summer I had a similar problem 1 tomato plant had something I thought was blight so I sprayed it for 6 weeks with Blight Control but it finally died anyway. I am not taking any chances this year if any tomato plants look sick i am pulling them up. It is still raining her almost every day and has been raining and very over cast for 2 months. Temperatures were in the 90s then in the 50s for most of last week, 71 yesterday and 79 today. Has anyone had a problem with plant disease?

Please help.

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12/07/2018 9:26 pm  

If it's been raining every day with you, I suspect you're not in London. Or even the UK, it's been very dry here for seven weeks! 

Are your tomatoes outside, or in a glasshouse/polytunnel? Both have their advantages and disadvantages for spread and control of disease.

Do you know what was the active element of the blight control you used last year? One of the problems with the nightshade family of plants is that they are very susceptible to blight diseases, and a lot of those diseases quickly adapt to become resistant to some treatments. And on that theme, have you got potatoes growing close by, or recently grown them on the same patch of soil?

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26/04/2019 12:18 pm  

Well, as per the details you have provided, there may be some kind of pest attack on your tomato plants. My sister's tomato plants were also in the same condition, all the leaves were turning black. This is not a good sign. After a few days, she gets to know that some kind of pest was affecting the tomato plants. She immediately called Pest Control Rocklin CA for pest control services. Have a look at the tomato plants and try to figure out is there any kind of pest present that is destroying your plants.