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Pesticide Free London!  


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04/06/2018 11:20 am  

Do you know if your local green areas are sprayed with nasty chemicals? Lambeth Parks are no longer spraying but we know that herbicides are being used in the public realm and on housing land. If you're interested in adding your voice to say 'No' to pesticides in our city, go to Pesticide Action Network UK and add your name.

Is this an issue you feel strongly about?

Do you think that IEL is a good place to galvanise action in Lambeth?

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08/06/2018 8:35 am  

I spotted a Pinnacle employee spraying herbicide on the street on an estate in Clapham yesterday. My understanding is that Parks don't spray, but Housing and Streetcare do. Pesticide Action Network has lots of resources for people to run campaigns. Hammersmith & Fulham council has already gone pesticide-free so there is a precedent. I think this is a winnable campaign but we do need to form a campaign team to do it properly.