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Brixton air pollution  


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12/07/2018 1:08 pm  

I met a lovely lady  standing by one of those big black metal cabinets just along Brixton Road.

Turned out she is a researcher  from King s College and in that box there are various machinery used to measure air pollution.

I was a bit surprised when she told me that according to data collected by King s College that streach of road is the most polluted in London  even more than Oxford Street. She directed me to King s College website  for more precise data.

I also find this article apparently already by ' 30 January, Brixton Road in south London reached its annual legal limit for toxic nitrogen dioxide (NO2) – less than a month into the year. It breached the limit two days later.' Full article here

I ve to say I did not expect this at all, does anyone know if and what steps have been taken to reduce air pollution in this area.

The reaearcher was saying something about a switch to greener busses?