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School Garden

Use this form to submit your nomination for the Blooming Lambeth 2020 category:

School Garden

You may only submit one nomination in each category of the Blooming Lambeth Awards 2020 competition. The nomination can be for your own or someone else's growing space. If you are nominating someone else please enter your details and the contact details/address of your nomination.

Required fields are marked with a star (*)

Enter the address of the growing space you are nominating, please enter the postcode separately.
Give a brief description of your nomination.
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As we will not be able to visit your nomination for judging we require at least 3 good photographs but you can submit up to 8. You may also submit a video, maximum length of 2 minutes please.

By submitting your nomination and photos/video you agree to IEL using your images on our social media accounts and website. You agree to waive your copyright (we will not sell your images for commercial purposes). If you are sending a photo with an image with a minor in it, you must either be their parent or custodian, and/or have their consent, for IEL to use it. Safeguarding is your responsibility here – do not submit any images of minors you do not want publicised.

Please give a description of who is in your photos or video e.g. how many people, who they are, what they look like and what they are wearing. If there a no people in your images or video enter "No people"

If you know of any, please provide links to social media accounts associated with your nomination.

Web address or name of any other social media account you would like us to see

If you are uploading lots of images or a large video please be patient after clicking the "Submit" button, it can take a while for all the attachments to upload.

Unless you see an error message we should have your submission, only contact us if you don't receive a confirmation email from us.