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Seed Saving Evening


Did you know that in the past 80 years we have lost 93% of the world’s seed varieties? This directly affects us and our diets, as it means that the diversity of food available to us is also being lost. The big drivers in all this loss are the large seed companies who are franchising seeds and actually making it illegal (yes, illegal!) to save seeds if you intend to sell them on (rather than give them away). London Freedom Seed Bank is quietly working away to create an amazing seedbank for Londoners’  use. They want to spread the word about how to seed save. Come along and find out!

Incredible Edible Lambeth is collaborating with the London Freedom Seed Bank and the South London Botanical Institute to create an action packed evening of interest to all gardeners. Here’s the schedule:

6.30   screening of Seeds of Freedom  – 30 mins
7.00   intro to SLBI and London Freedom Seed Bank – 15 mins
7.15    learn how to start seed saving (presentation by Julie Riehl) – 45 mins
8.00   BREAK  – 20 mins
8.20   The Walworth Lettuce Project and seed cleaning machine demo (by Richard Galpin) – 30 mins
8.40   Questions / next steps
9.00   FINISH

SLBI is co-hosting this event with us in their beautiful building – worth a visit if you’ve never been there!

Food and drink provided but please do bring some to share.


PLEASE BOOK THROUGH EVENTBRITE so we have an idea of numbers for food.

[Photograph courtesy of Richard Galpin, London Freedom Seed Bank]


Tue November 20, 2018
South London Botanical Institute
323 Norwood Rd, London


Location map