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Magpie Kitchen, hosted by one of our members

The first Magpie Kitchen of the year celebrates Norway and the painter Edvard Munch and his circle

Phillip Costen has been cooking at Roots and Shoots for over a decade and has been teaching our students how to cook for the last two years. The Magpie Kitchen has been in operation for six years. Phillip is a brilliant food historian who does microscopic research into all his subjects and the food that they ate. Currently we are half way through our tour of the 27 countries of Europe, viewed through food and culture. He sources all his food locally, much of it from the gardens at Roots and Shoots. He finishes every meal at Magpie Kitchen with a talk, wearing period costume relevant to the theme. He has built a faithful following for his Magpie Kitchen events so please book early if you would like to attend!

Starters: Cauliflower Soup, Winter Salad, Jarlsberg Chees Pie, Barley Bread

Main course meat: Braised Chicken with Juniper and Cabbage

Main course vegetarian: Root Vegetable Cakes with Mustard and Dill Sauce

Both served with: Roasted Apples & Onions, Rutabaga Pudding, and Mushrooms on Potato Bread

Dessert: Moonlight Pudding, Drowned Maidens and coffee

Contact Montse or Andrew on 020 7587 1131 or email Montse on

Dinner served promptly



Fri January 31, 2020
Roots and Shoots
Walnut Tree Walk


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