Expert Panel Vote for the Blooming Lambeth Awards 2022

Experts’ votes must be in by midnight on Sunday 28th August 2022 

Here are the categories for the Expert Panel Vote this year:

3. Most enthusiastic young gardener – at home or in a school 

Do you know an enthusiastic young gardener (under 18yrs) who’s discovered the joys of growing and/or tending plants? Have they overcome barriers to learn a new growing skill? Are they encouraging others of any age to join in?


6. Best garden in bloom

Do you know of an uplifting display of blooms? Can be a small or larger space. This could be a doctors surgery garden, your or your neighbour’s front gardens, or a local park with a fantastic display.


7. Best space for encouraging wildlife

Do you know of a growing area with a focus on supporting wildlife? Does it have pollinator friendly plantings with lots of wild flowers? Does it have a pond? Have the gardeners created insect and amphibian habitats? Do they provide homes and/or food for wildlife such as birds and bats?


8. Most imaginative use of greening a small space

There are many passionate growers that do not have gardens of their own. We’re looking for entries such as window boxes, window sills, abundant hanging baskets, balconies or small front gardens. Do you grow edibles in any of these small spaces?

Or are you one of the growing army of those passionate about house plants that has a lush interior space filled with them? This is where you can enter!