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Blooming Lambeth Awards 2022

It’s that time of year again! We are excited to announce the launch of the Blooming Lambeth Awards 2022 – a chance for every grower in the borough to win a cash prize and be recognised for their contribution to making Lambeth a better place to live.

We have eight categories this year (see below for a full description of each and a link to the nomination form for each category) and nominations for all categories close midnight Sunday 19th June 2022.

Nomination deadline extended to 3rd July 2022

We have extended our nomination deadline to give you more space and time to nominate your favourite gardens. We would particularly love to receive nominations from gardens who haven’t been nominated before! 


Each entry should be accompanied by ALL of the following information: 

  • your name and email address
  • the person or contact at the garden you’re nominating (if it’s not yourself), their email address
  • the address/location of the garden, school or where the person volunteers
  • a description of your nomination: min 100/max 600 words – make this as clear as you can – this is what we and the public will read and will help in judging.
  • your nomination’s social media accounts (if you/they have any): Twitter / Instagram / Flickr / FB page
  • photos: (min 3 / max 6) maximum size 10MB – make sure these photos are clear and really showcase the category you’re nominating. These are the photographs we will use to shortlist nominations and will determine which nominations are visited. For the People’s Vote – these are the photos the public will see to cast their vote.

By submitting a nomination you will be deemed to be bound by and have accepted these Terms and Conditions


Here are the categories for this year:

1: Ivor Picardo Award for abundant growing of edibles


Do you know a space that is full of growing veggies and/or fruit in a public facing space? Your nomination can be for a passionate individual or community group growing food from seed or seedlings.

Ivor Picardo was a champion of food growing who worked for Lambeth Council encouraging growing in public areas including estates. This award is in memory of his great work for food growing in the borough.


2. Best School Garden 


We want to celebrate school gardens that are an inspiration to pupils. Does your candidate teach children about the wonder growing of food from seed or seedlings and provide them with the skills to nurture their food growing space? Do they encourage children to try the food they’ve grown and explore new tastes? Do they have a space that encourages children to engage with wildlife and play in nature?



3. Most enthusiastic young gardener – at home or in a school  


Do you know an enthusiastic young gardener (under 18yrs) who’s discovered the joys of growing and/or tending plants? Have they overcome barriers to learn a new growing skill? Are they encouraging others of any age to join in?


4. Best volunteer for a community growing space


Do you know of someone who goes the extra mile for their community growing space? Someone who encourages others with their dedication and commitment? Do they share their skills and knowledge? We want to hear about these inspiring individuals.


5. Best resident-led community garden

We’re looking for resident led initiatives where communities have come together to grow together. Do you know of an excellent community growing space? This can be on an housing estate, or a pocket parklet on a street, or a street that has added planters of its own which are tended by the community.

Though you might only have a tiny space, you will be able to demonstrate that you grow a large amount of food relative to the amount of space you have.


6. Best garden in bloom


Do you know of an uplifting display of blooms? Can be a small or larger space. This could be a doctors surgery garden, your or your neighbour’s front gardens, or a local park with a fantastic display.


7. Best space for encouraging wildlife


Do you know of a growing area with a focus on supporting wildlife? Does it have pollinator friendly plantings with lots of wild flowers? Does it have a pond? Have the gardeners created insect and amphibian habitats? Do they provide homes and/or food for wildlife such as birds and bats?


8. Most imaginative use of greening a small space


There are many passionate growers that do not have gardens of their own. We’re looking for entries such as window boxes, window sills, abundant hanging baskets, balconies or small front gardens. Do you grow edibles in any of these small spaces?

Or are you one of the growing army of those passionate about house plants that has a lush interior space filled with them? This is where you can enter!


Full Terms & Conditions

By submitting a nomination will be deemed to be bound by and have accepted these Terms and Conditions. 

  • You (or your nomination) must live or work in Lambeth.
  • You can make one nomination in as many categories as you like.
  • For nominations that are shortlisted, the nominee’s bank account details will be required. We make bank transfers not cash payments. Only nominees are awarded, not nominators.
  • By entering the Blooming Lambeth Awards you agree to IEL using your images on our social media accounts and website. You agree to waive your copyright (we will not sell your images for commercial purposes).
  • If you are sending a photo with an image of a minor in it, the above usage consent applies, and you must either be their parent or custodian, and/or have their consent, for IEL to use it. Safeguarding is your responsibility – do not submit any images of minors you do not have consent to use.
  • In line with our ongoing campaign, no harmful pesticides or herbicides can be used in nominated gardens / growing spaces.
  • When nominations are submitted, a visit to the site by a rep of IEL will be made to verify whether it will make the shortlist in its category.
  • If we are unable to photograph the nomination/nominee, the entry will be disqualified regardless of the votes received. We will arrange a time with you for our photographer to visit. NB: Failure to be there at the arranged time may result in your nomination being disqualified.
  • If we visit the site to photograph it as a Winner or Highly Commended and we find it in a state of disrepair we reserve the right to disqualify the entry.
  • If you or your nominee have won in a category in the previous year,  you / they must skip a year before being able to enter in the same category again.
  • Submissions cannot be made without all areas of the form marked with an asterisk (*) being completed.

Public Votes Categories Voting Rules:

  • For your votes to be counted, please vote for one Winner and one Highly Commended.
  •  You will be required to enter your email address with your vote and any additional votes in the same category from that email address will not be counted. 
  • Please do not submit multiple votes. If we detect any abuse of the voting system we will disqualify the entrant.