Blooming Lambeth 2018 – The Winners

Read the full list of all the amazing gardens, gardeners and food entrepreneurs who won prizes at the Blooming Lambeth Awards.

Nearly all these winners can be found on our fantastic map – please do click through and learn more – and go visit some of them too. Get involved if it’s just round the corner from where you live or start a community garden of your own in a space near you. We need many more of them… 

Best Garden in a School or Educational Establishment

Joint Winners: Heathbrook Primary School and Hitherfield Primary School
Highly Commended: Reay Primary School

Best Community Garden on an Estate

Joint Winners: Blenheim Estate and Rosendale Community Garden.

The Ivor Picardo Award for Best Vegetable Garden

Winner: Lairdale Estate
Highly Commended: Woodvale Estate and Myatts Field South Estate

Best Community Garden in a Park

Joint winners: Streatham Community Garden and Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses

Best Community Garden Anywhere Else

Joint Winners: Amputee Rehabilitation Garden, Community Shop, and Brixton Fire Station
Highly Commended: Triangle Playground

Against the Odds

Winner: Mawbey Farm
Highly Commended: Crowhurst Estate and The Kerb Garden

Best Community Gardeners

Fabrice from Myatts Fields Park

Highly Commended: Cat from Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses

Small is Beautiful

Winner: Brixton Underground Station
Highly Commended: Mrs Hewson’s Balcony


Joint Winners: Friends of Ruskin Park, Wolfe’s Drinks, and the Clapham Leaf Project

Best Garden in Bloom

Joint Winners: Coade House and Colwyn House
Highly Commended: Fen’s Garden and Poets Paradise


Congratulations to all the winners and an enormous thank you to all who entered.