The team

Janie Bickersteth Chair

Janie wants systems change and has worked to shift attitudes to more sustainable lifestyles for over two decades. She knows that working to improve our food system has a powerful knock-on affect; the food we choose to buy, grow and eat impacts our health, our family's health, the health of a local economy and the health of our planet. She has seen how food growing can transform communities for the better.
Janie lived in the Northeast for 20 years, setting up an environmental NGO and has spent several years in Southeast Asia (notably Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore) where she established an Incredible Edible at United World College SE Asia. She also helped to establish a community garden for the National University of Singapore's employees (around 3000 people).

Giles Gibson

Giles has a background in business having started and run various companies in the IT services and software arena. Giles has also been working on building up local social enterprises covering a wide range of aims.

Over 18 years ago he helped start the Herne Hill Forum which has delivered some major urban regeneration including creating a centre for Herne Hill, started the Sunday street market, run various campaigns and managed an extensive range of social media to help promote the local area and enterprises.

Giles is keen on what IEL can achieve in the critical area of food, healthy eating and community cohesion.

Makaela Gilchrist

Founding director of the Edible Bus Stop, Mak’s interest is in breaking down barriers using growing initiatives, drawing communities together for a common good.

Having lived in many countries, and seen first hand what makes a city pleasant or not, Mak believes big cities need not be unwelcoming, grey places.

Mak was recognised by The Observer Magazine as an ‘Ethical Innovator’.

Marjorie Landels

Marjorie is a founding director of IEL. She is a graphic designer with wide experience of leadership in community development. She co-founded Myatt’s Fields Park Project and led the £3 million renovation of the park. She is also involved with the Minet Hub, and is a member of Friends of Minet Library.

Victoria Sherwin

Tori Sherwin has worked with Janie over the past year to develop IEL as a fundable organisation, steering strategic development to ensure that the organisation's environment, social and economic goals meet the needs of Lambeth's diverse communities. She has helped to raise £60k for IEL in public funding in 2020.
She has led the development of Myatt's Fields Park as a community and food hub over the past twenty years, pioneering community led management of parks and inclusive governance. She is a founder member of Incredible Edible Lambeth as well as a grassroots consortium in her home neighbourhood, Vassall and Coldharbour Covid-19 Response. She is skilled in fundraising, strategy, network building and community engagement, She is passionate about working from the grassroots to create socially just, environmentally sustainable cities.

Emma Slater

Emma’s background is in science outreach and public engagement; inspiring and connecting people from all walks of life with science and nature.

Through roles at the Zoological Society of London, the Royal Society and currently Imperial College London, Emma manages large scale public events, communications and cultural partnerships.

She is an allotment enthusiast, lover of all things green and wants to empower people to connect with each other, their food and the environment.