Topsoil giveaway map
We love systems as they are all about connections.  This is Ann’s favourite map which describes the day when around 3860 litres of topsoil at a value of £1800 was re-used by food growing activists across the borough.

We heard from Vauxhall City Farm , who were rebuilding raised beds to make them more accessible for their South London and Maudsley hospital growers.  We put the call out to the network and the soil hunters came. Donations went to buy seeds for the young farmers at Vauxhall City Farm.

Food Growers map
We enjoy maps – they tell a story . This was the last full borough wide food growers map from 2012. We are deciding what story next to tell. Much has developed over time and we would like to tell the current successes of how the network approach we have been advocating has seen the food growing hubs developing strong connections and building resilience by working together.

IEL Map - 120422-1smallmooThis Incredible Edible Lambeth map shows community growing areas in Lambeth. To see a larger version, click here, or to find out where you can see the full size map, get in touch.

We are going to make this map searchable by location so members of the public can find out where their local growing space is, plus include information about each site so they can find out opening hours, contact details and how to join. This will not only help volunteers join the spaces easily but also provide growing spaces with insight into what is going on in their area, helping to establish a network of growing spaces which will in turn help them to become more productive.

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