And the winners are:

The Blooming Lambeth Awards

There were six categories in the Blooming Lambeth awards this year. The winners are listed below. Each winner one £100, and had some beautiful photographs taken of their garden by our Incredible Edible photographer, Elaine Kramer. Those photographs will go into an exhibition to be displayed from December this year at the Garden Museum. We are also developing a mobile version that can come to your garden or event.

The awards were presented by the Mayor of Lambeth, Marcia Cameron. The community food growing award was presented in honour of the late Ivor Picardo, by Ivor’s brother Jonathan, and his former manager at Lambeth Council, Mark Howarth. It was a great opportunity for many people who knew Ivor to remember him and share stories with Jonathan.

Pictures of all of the gardens are on the Incredible Edible Lambeth  Facebook site.

Community Food Growing in memory of Ivor Picardo

Paradise garden in Coade Court

Brockwell Park GP Surgery

Agnes Riley Gardens

Community in Bloom

Brockwell Park Greenhouses

Richbourne Terrace

Tritton Vale Pocket Garden

Homes in Bloom

Edwin Monteverde (Monty)

Mrs Rockhill

Mr & Mrs Morris


Flora Parked – a much better use of a parking space than a car

Oasis in Stockwell – Childrens’ forest garden – encouraging people to pick things

St Gabriels College – mobile garden that moves around while building work takes place on site

Food Growing

Bandstand Beds

Caldwell Gardens

Myatts Fields Park Community Greenhouse

Window Box or Balcony (small spaces)

Annie Gallop

Diane Skidmore

The Fairy Garden

A very successful AGM and Blooming Lambeth awards

Incredible Edible Lambeth’s AGM was held on Thursday 12th October at the Garden Museum, and featured the Blooming Lambeth awards, sponsored by Lambeth Council and Engie.

Incredible Edible Lambeth is all about shouting out about all this great community activity that is going on in community gardens and kitchens, and looking for ways to ensure that all our efforts have a real impact in making the borough a better place to live, work and play.

We are able to report at the AGM that over the last year Incredible Edible Lambeth has been involved in some key projects

  1. We were commissioned to curate a series of activities for the Chelsea Fringe by Nine Elms London. This took us outside of Lambeth into Wandsworth, although Nine Elms does straddle both boroughs.
  2. We ran the CREATE – Start Your Own Food Business programme in Loughborough Junction and Gipsy Hill
  3. We have been involved in a big piece of work with LEAP – the 10 year £30m lottery programme in four of Lambeth’s most deprived wards, that aims to improve outcomes for children born into poverty. We have been advising on how community organisations and individuals can develop projects to encourage healthy eating and physical activity. We expect this work to continue and expand, and to be able to share learning.
  4. And of course we were commissioned to run the Blooming Lambeth awards and that’s been a great way to bring people together and share what is going in our gardens.

We have also been contributing to  a big piece of work to map all the food work that is going on in Lambeth and how we compare with other boroughs/areas of the country through the Lambeth Food Partnership. We are the experts in understanding the food system locally and are increasingly in a much better position to identify what actions to take to be effective in terms of improving access to good food in the borough.

A major focus of our volunteer effort this year has been networking with the health sector to increase the visibility of community gardens and kitchens, and the work we do. NHS structures are constantly being reorganised and like much of the statutory sector ‘health’ organisations are looking at how they can work better with communities. Progress is slow but it is good for the food activist community to be a part of that networking so if you would like to get involved in that please let me know. Specifically Lambeth has been split into three local care network (LCN) areas and each area has a community forum, so it would be good if we could sit on all of those. I would also urge every community garden to get involved with their local GP patient participation group (PPG) and tell them about your garden.

Going forward this year we would like to focus heavily on our map – to ease the networking and signposting to community food projects. To facilitate this we will maintain our loose network (twitter/facebook etc), but we are also launching a more formal membership scheme. This will also enable better cooperation between organisations and allow us to represent community gardens at meetings eg with the health sector. There are two kinds of membership – for groups and for individuals. Membership is FREE. Details are with Janie – please note that if you sign up as a group you also get free membership of the Garden Museum..

You can sign your gardening group up,or yourself as a supporting individual here. Only groups who become members will be added to the map.

One of our directors stood down completely and that was our former chair Ann Bodkin. The ‘old’ directors thanked Ann for leading us for 6 years with a big bunch of flowers. We appointed four new directors:

Dorothy Allen

Janie Bickersteth

Monica Ganan

Orsetta Hosquet

We look forward to working with you over the coming year.

Sue Sheehan, Chair, Incredible Edible Lambeth

IEL Membership form

Sign up here

Incredible Edible Lambeth has partnered with Garden Museum  (or Garden Museum has partnered with Incredible Edible Lambeth) to offer free community group access to the Museum. Become an organisational member of Incredible Edible Lambeth today (and agree to allow us to pass on your contact details to the Garden Museum) and your group will receive three (or 5) free passes to the museum that can be shared amongst members and used at any time.

Other benefits of being an IEL ‘organisational’ member are:

– be on our Incredible Edible Lambeth map

– use our logo and demonstrate that you are part of a broad movement

– be represented and networked at local Lambeth meetings e.g. Lambeth Food Partnership (food policy) and the NHS/health sector

– be networked with regional and national food activists groups such as Incredible Edible Network, Transition Town Network

– receive regular emails highlighting opportunities and support

– be a part of join funding bids and help inform future development work

– be eligible for discounted membership rates for workshops/events


If you do not belong to an organisation we also encourage Individual membership

– be represented and networked at local Lambeth meetings e.g. Lambeth Food Partnership (food policy) and the NHS/health sector

– be networked with regional and national food activists groups such as Incredible Edible Network, Transition Town Network

– receive regular emails highlighting opportunities and support

– be a part of join funding bids and help inform future development work

– be eligible for discounted membership rates for workshops/events

– volunteer with Incredible Edible Lambeth directly to receive free community group access to the Garden Museum.



The purpose of this document is to set out a framework for membership and cooperation between members of Incredible Edible Lambeth.

  1. We ask that members respect our vision and values:


IEL exists to re-localise the food system in Lambeth so that it nurtures us and

strengthens our communities.


IEL believes that:

  • everyone has a right to healthy affordable food
  • the current food system is unjust and unsustainable
  • we need to create change
  • food growing is a great way to create change – to ‘green the grey’ and build community
  • a positive approach is both enjoyable and more likely to be effective
  • food is an important part of our economy and a product that can be
  • re-localised relatively easily
  1. Membership is open individuals and group, who are active or interested in being active in facilitating food system change in Lambeth and regionally, nationally or internationally.
  1. There is a slightly different membership offer for groups versus individuals.
  1. Groups who are members are entitled to use the Incredible Edible Lambeth logo. We request that a copy of any documents or weblinks are shared on our Facebook page as a courtesy.
  1. Membership is free, and any decision to charge would be made by the Incredible Edible Lambeth board of directors at an official meeting.
  1. Any decision to terminate membership would be made by the Incredible Edible Lambeth board of directors at an official meeting. A membership would be terminated where a members was deemed to have breached the Terms and Conditions, and not acted in a way that respects the vision and values.

Call for nominations to the Board of Directors of Incredible Edible Lambeth

Incredible Edible Lambeth CIC  is looking for new members for the body that oversees and steers its work.  We are welcoming nominations from anyone who with a passion about food who lives and works in Lambeth.

As an elected board member you will have the opportunity to drive activities that help promote a local food culture through a network of local food activists, develop opportunities for healthy, sustainable, locally produced food to be avail able to all in Lambeth, both now and in the future. and to develop resilient community skills in growing, cooking and/or trade of local food produce.

About the board

We encourage anyone with a passion for food or local community to stand for election.  You do not have to be active within the food sector or community but have a passion about food and the interest to learn more.
As an elected director you will be responsible for voting on how we spend our budgets, where we should focus our work and help decide what can bring the most impact in improving the food system within the borough.

The responsibilities of the board members will include:

  • Attending a minimum of 4 board meetings a year, these typically last 2 hours on a weekday but are organised at a time that suits board members.
  • Supporting IEL work streams, and core activities such as mapping and communications
  • The board is responsible for maintain the vision, mission and values of the organisation.
  • It is also responsible for ensuring that the organisation is well run, financially sound and has the correct employment procedures.
  • Board members are also responsible for promoting the organisation more widely and supporting the coordinator and other staff in working to achieve the vision.


Board Roles

We have a number of active programmes and partnerships in place and we share participation/leadership of these amongst the directors. These include:

  • developing a programme of activities to support food growers and activists in Lambeth over the coming year
  • working with the Lambeth Food Partnership on the Sustainable Food Cities programme. Lambeth has already achieved the Bronze award and the LFP is aiming for Lambeth to become a Silver Sustainable Food City within the next 3 years, and ultimately a Gold Sustainable Food City.
  • working with LEAP – Lambeth Early Action Partnership, to develop a programme of activities that create opportunities for babies born in four wards of Lambeth to grow up in a healthy food atmosphere.
  • mapping activitiy
  • taking part in regional and national activities, amplifying the work of food activists in Lambeth
  • bringing resources, skills and knowledge into the Lambeth food activist sector, and sharing resources, skills and knowledge across the sector.


Becoming a Board Member


We encourage anyone with a passion for helping to develop a healthier and more sustainable food system for Lambeth to stand for election. We will also have the option to co-opt people with skills additional to those represented by the Board should the need arise so if you do not feel you can stand, but have skill you would like to share please do get in touch with our current chair Sue Sheehan 07961 342247 and/or just complete the nomination form below.


Call_for_nominations_to_IEL_Board 2017.doc

Invitation: Blooming Lambeth Awards & IEL AGM 12th October

We have pleasure in inviting you to the Blooming Lambeth Awards ceremony and the Incredible Edible Lambeth AGM on Thursday 12th october 2017 at the Garden Museum, 7-9pm. The Garden Museum is at 5 Lambeth Palace Road, London, SE1 7LB

Please RSVP to or call 0207 926 3401

lambeth in bloom invite-1. to all



Growing Lambeth Action Research Report

With funding from Esmee Fairburn, Incredible Edible Lambeth worked with Groundwork to support food growing across Lambeth we piloted a hub and spoke model, of larger projects supporting smaller ones. The pilot provided a huge amount of learning. This report summarises the findings.

Growing Lambeth AR report Appendix 20170109 Growing Lambeth AR report MAIN 20170109

Incredible Edible Lambeth is always looking for ways to support growers and activists who want to change the food system. This year we have been working with Lambeth Food Partnership to gain a complete picture of the activity that is already going on, and how that compares to what other boroughs and cities are doing. We will use the evidence from that, and from our Growing Lambeth experience, to develop programmes of support for the future.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more and/or contribute to this development work.

Sue Sheehan

We have CREATEd 30 new food entreprenneurs!

We have just finished two Start Your Own Food Businesses (CREATE) programmes in two of Lambeth’s most deprived areas – Loughborough Junction and Gipsy Hill.

It’s of course all down to the entreprenneurs themselves but the CREATE programme gave people a chance to network and meet food business owners in Brixton, Loughborough Junction and West Norwood & Crystal Palace, and learn about the process of setting up a food business. They also got the chance to present their food and business ideas to a panel of experts and to one another, meet Lambeth food safety officials, and take they Level 2 food hygiene certificate. To top it all they received a full day of technical training on costing, marketing, licensing, sustainability, and much more from Greenwich based community food consultancy GCDA.

Watch this space for more information about our entreprenneurs and hear their stories over coming months.

crreate image

Blown Away by Blooming Lambeth

We have been blown away by the entrants to our Blooming Lambeth competition. Our photographer is out and about as we speak taking professional pics of the top three in each category. We can’t wait to present an exhibition of all of those at our awards ceremony in October (Thursday 12th) at the Garden Museum. More details to follow soon but please keep the date free and follow our twitter @EdibleLambeth or Facebook for more information. You can also email to register your interest now.

Blooming Lambeth- enter now


Delighted to be celebrating all that’s Blooming Lambeth
Which of the six categories are you entering?
All details below on the poster
Good luck