Blown Away by Blooming Lambeth

We have been blown away by the entrants to our Blooming Lambeth competition. Our photographer is out and about as we speak taking professional pics of the top three in each category. We can’t wait to present an exhibition of all of those at our awards ceremony in October (Thursday 12th) at the Garden Museum. More details to follow soon but please keep the date free and follow our twitter @EdibleLambeth or Facebook for more information. You can also email to register your interest now.

Blooming Lambeth- enter now


Delighted to be celebrating all that’s Blooming Lambeth
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Understanding behaviour change training

This training may be useful to community gardeners and is already being taken up by other voluntary sector organisations.  We are also very keen to link in more with health organisations in Lambeth as we know that community gardens provide significant health benefits.


Project Smith RSPH Understanding Behaviour Change L2 Training Course Learning Outcomes 2017 (1) Project Smith RSPH Understanding Behaviour Change L2 Training Course Learning Outcomes 2017

The Future of Food: 2050

Have you ever wondered what and how we’ll be eating in 2050?

The Lambeth Food Partnership Board is pleased to host an evening of thought provoking talks and discussion as we meet some of the people driving forward futuristic food concepts across the capital.

Will most fruits and vegetables that we eat have been grown in cities, on walls and in basements? Will breakfast bars may be made of insects specifically bred for consumption? Will it be normal to tuck in a burger grown in a laboratory, or will we all eat meals around a communal table in a shared kitchen that has replaced individual kitchens in homes?

This event will feature four speakers who will take us on a journey into the future, and fire up our imaginations with possibilities, with opportunities for audience questions and comments throughout.

Speakers will be confirmed on the booking site prior to the event.

We ask that anyone who is able to make a donation of £3 to cover the event costs does so on the evening. We are a non-profit organisation who works for the benefit of the Lambeth businesses, residents, workers and organisations.

Registration is required- click here.

Doing the Incredible Edible Lambeth Walk

A guided walk of inspirational green spaces loved and cared for by local residents. Starting at the Garden Museum we will take in small green parks including Old Paradise Street, Pedlars Park, Vauxhall City Farm and ending at Bonnington Square.

Walk led by Sue Sheehan from Incredible Edible Lambeth.



Sat 27 May 2017

19:00 – 22:00


Meet outside the Garden Museum, Lambeth Bridge

Signup for tickets here:

Grow Your Own Leaders- a new course starting April 2017

A course supported by Morley College and Incredible Edible Lambeth.

We all want to put people at the heart of the food we create. What if here in Lambeth we produced, distributed and ate food in a way that:

  • supported our community’s need to live healthily, socially, sustainably and affordably
  • enabled food producers, manufacturers, retailers and innovators to work effectively together
  • enabled us all to get more involved in meeting our own food needs

But we can’t do this on our own.

Many of the problems we face with how our food is grown, distributed, eaten – and sometimes wasted – don’t have easy answers. People locally and globally, whether citizens, local growers or large manufacturers, struggle to see the bigger picture, or understand how to make an impact. We need a different approach.

We are convening a group of up to 25 people for a 6 week programme to jointly create a better food system in Lambeth and beyond. Food growers, retailers, manufacturers, caterers, distributors, policy-makers, innovators, activists, writers – come and join us.

We will work with an approach known as U.Lab. This is a way of leading profound change that has been developed by action researchers at MIT, and practiced by leaders around the world for over 20 years.


For more information, and to register for the course, signup here.