What is Incredible Edible LEAP?

Incredible Edible LEAP is about making life healthier for families with children under four in Stockwell, Tulse Hill and Brixton (Coldharbour and Vassall wards). As the name suggests, it’s a partnership between Incredible Edible Lambeth and our colleagues at LEAP. We make it easier for families to get hold of healthy food, health advice and take part in fun activities and classes.

What are the benefits for my family?

If you join us, you may be able to access our free healthy food bags scheme: Incredibly Edible Bags. Our bags contain fresh local fruit and vegetables. We will also invite you to get involved in community cooking and shared meals, and take part in walks and visits to get to know the local area.

What do community meals involve?

Community meals are a great opportunity to share and enjoy the food you’ve grown or cooked. We concentrate on vegetable-based dishes and we don’t add much salt or sugar. We also use good oils such as sunflower, olive and corn oils and drink water rather than sugary drinks. It is also important to waste as little as possible and we often use surplus food.

Do you run events?

We hold lots of events and you can find them on the Incredible Edible Events page.

What must I do in return?

We will ask for your feedback on what makes it easier to feed yourself and your family healthy food. You’ll also need to become a member of Incredible Edible LEAP. Membership is free.

How can our family join in?

It’s really simple to take part and just takes a conversation. Please contact Helen on 07949 985 343 or Sue on 07961 342 247. Or you can email them at

Inspire me with some great recipes!

Fruity skewers
Choose seven types of fruits, such as strawberries, pineapple or kiwi fruit (whichever fruits you like best), and cut them into small chunks or segments.
How you make them

Take 7 wooden skewers and place your fruits on to each one. It’s best to alternate different types of fruit so you end up with a rainbow pattern of contrasting colours. They will look really beautiful and particularly tempting for children.

Carrot hummus
1 peeled carrot, cut into small pieces, boiled until soft and grated
1 tub of regular hummus
1 lemon
Coriander (if you have it)

How you make it
Mix the hummus with the grated carrot in a bowl. Add a squeeze of the lemon juice. Cut the coriander into small pieces and stir through the hummus. It’s now ready to serve along with pitta bread or raw vegetables such as cucumber or tomatoes.