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Bee Happy Time

Posted July 8, 2014 by Wendy Mackay

20140605_2016031Its pollination festival time  at Brockwell Community Greenhouses and people are being welcomed to come and take part in some of the many pollinator friendly gardening workshops and teaching sessions.Massive declines in numbers of pollinators due to climate change,habitat loss, pollution, pest and disease migration, decades of intensive agriculture means  the good news is the garden can provide feeding grounds and useful habitats for our fellow farmers!

Come and learn how to turn bits of your gardens in to homes and beautiful restaurants for the pollinators  as community gardener Alison Alexander said “The best things gardeners they found can do for wildlife is to leave some grass long, make a pond
and have a variety of different flowers throughout the year.There’s no doubt pollinators and plants around the
world are threatened. Let’s start local and do what we can to halt the decline – and make beautiful
gardens while we’re at it.”

Pollination Festival dates flyer

The ornamental planters created by Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses outside the park’s
Herne Hill entrance and in displays on site demonstrate an insect-friendly plant selection.
There are flowers of all different shapes and colours suited to different invertebrates’ eyes and
mouthparts. The long flowering season of these plants will provide  sustained pollen and nectar supply into late


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